Sonic branding: more than a sound logo

Whereas the visual world seemed to substantially shut down during the peak of the pandemic, the world of audio felt like it was wide open. We all started streaming more music and listening to more podcasts. We started taking the time to actually listen: this is the new era of audio. With this comes a serious opportunity for your brand: don’t just try to make your brand stand out through visual means, but try to strengthen the recognizability and brand recall through the power of a unique sound as well.

What is a sound logo?

When you think of Netflix you instantly hear: ‘TU DUM’. Same counts for McDonalds,, Intel, etc. There are tons of brands with an identity that’s indisputably connected to their sound. A sound logo is usually characterized by a short (3-5 seconds) recognizable melody or recognizable sound that’s used to end a commercial (or possibly start one). This short snippet of audio is an important part of your sonic identity.


Sonic Identity, more than just a sound logo

Defining your brand through the use of a sound logo is just the beginning. How do you create consistency throughout all the touchpoints that will get your brand heard? At Amp.Amsterdam // The Sonic Branding Agency we believe a sonic identity is only complete when all these touchpoints are taken care of and your brand values can be identified in each specific one.


Transforming brand values into sonic values

To ensure your brand values can be identified in all the relevant touch points Amp.Amsterdam devised a method to transform these brand values into their sonic counterparts. These sonic values act as the basis for creating a recognizable sonic identity.


Musical blueprint

In the same way, you strive for recognizability in your visuals, color use, or even the use of specific fonts, you should strive to achieve the same sonically. One way to do this is by creating a brand score. A brand score is basically the musical blueprint of your brand’s sound. This track will contain all the brand values. Using your brand score as a jumping-off point you can continue to create music for your commercials or any other form of content.


Message sent

How does your app sound? Do you decide to use standard library sounds? Or are these sounds a clear translation and representation of your brand? Presenting the sound of your brand doesn’t have to be limited to just commercials. The UX/UI space can be a relevant environment to make your brand stand out through your sonic identity as well.


Do you have a minute?

Music on hold is a genre in itself. A track with friendly intentions could possibly leave a bad impression on those who are waiting. Let’s use ‘Happy’ by Pharrel Williams as an example. This track wouldn’t always be the right choice for the topic of conversation. You want to leave the right impression, right? Try to improve your customer experience by using the right music on hold that fits your brand.


The voice of...

The way Netflix’s sound logo makes them instantly recognizable works the same for the voice of a brand like TUI. Choosing the right voice is another essential part of crafting a sonic identity. It’s very important to properly translate the brand values into the brand’s sound with the voice as well. This doesn’t just apply to human voices. When developing synthetic voices such as A.I. or chatbots proper brand research will form the basis of this process.


Brands and artists

Your message will only come across properly if you address your demographic the right way. With this thought in mind, it can be a very interesting choice to launch a collaboration between your brand and an artist. But, where do you start? Amp.Amsterdam has built up years of experience in finding the right match between the brand and artist. In this case, we make sure to translate the brand values into the specific vibe an artist may emit, as well as make sure we cultivate the right connection with the relevant demographic.


What does your brand sound like?

Inspire yourself by researching the different possibilities for your own brand. Book our free masterclass: Sonic Branding 101 and learn more about the different ways to make your brand stand out through the use of sound and music.