Tanja is a total project management ninja. As our senior project manager, she takes on any challenge with the rigor of a warrior in disguise. Tanja thrives under pressure. She’s driven by juggling multiple projects at once and enjoy’s brainstorming, checklists and simply getting things done, which she all does with a massive smile on her face.

Since first walking into our office 7 years ago, looking for an internship, Tanja has been with us to this day. As a matter of fact, she’s become the backbone of Amp.Amsterdam, setting up our whole licensing structure with Universal Music, as well as working on studio projects, music productions, syncs, films, and events. She’s basically done it all. That being said, according to Tanja there are always more skills that she’s yet to discover.

Tanja’s middle name is loyalty and that doesn’t just show in the execution of her daily duties. It shows in her hobbies as well. Ranging from being a serious Band Of Brothers collector, to being a star player on her hockey team for at least 25 years!

All things aside, as far as Tanja’s concerned, nothing will ever beat a cozy night at home, chilling out, watching a series or a film. Or even enjoying a nice dinner with friends and the people she loves. Including a good glass of wine or a cold beer, of course.