Mitch’s love for music and sound came from a combination of what was being played through his parents vintage 80’s Marantz sound system, and sneaking into parties underage. It was these escapades that served as his early musical academy, and ignited the flame of his passion for all things sound.

After taking things to the next level and obtaining a Bachelor of Audio Production, he became fascinated with the recording process, producing and shaping audio, and sound for different forms of media. His non-traditional route through the industry continued and it saw him move from Australia to the other side of the world, his now second home: Amsterdam.

As a Sound Engineer at Amp.Amsterdam, you can find Mitch looking for the sonic sweet spot on a campaigns final mix, applying his sound design skills to various films, and trying to convince everyone in the office that Vegemite tastes nice! When he’s not in the studio, he will be balancing out his daily bike rides with an extortionate amount of pizza, or out on the golf course wondering if his handicap will ever get any lower.