For as long as he can remember Mattijn has been obsessed with audio. From playing drums as a kid to creating sound effects for different media nowadays. Keeping up to date with the latest technological developments in the field of media and sound is not an obligation for him, but a hobby. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Sound Design at the Utrecht School of Arts, he has made a lot of experience in the audio post-production world of film and television. In recent years, Mattijn has been responsible for working on the sound design of multiple award-winning feature films and tv-series. He is experienced in creating the final soundtrack and how it translates on various platforms such as broadcast, cinema, and online. Telling a story by supporting and shaping it with sound is something that has grown into his DNA. It doesn’t matter to him what form a story takes: A film, commercial, or podcast, each project is unique and it is always a custom job.