Saying her name out loud already sounds like a little melody, but that’s not the only reason why Faye is now part of the Amp.Amsterdam family.

Faye studies Communication- and Information Sciences in Tilburg. She has always had a creative flair, so if she sees any creative opportunity, she dives right into it. That is also why she decided to take a minor in Music Marketing & Management. Having a passion for communications and music was the best possible foundation to start a PR & Communications internship at Amp.Amsterdam // The Sonic Branding Company. Oh, and did we already mention that she wrote her thesis about the effects of sonic branding on the brand experience? If that isn’t the perfect match …

As PR & Communications Intern, she is not only the caption queen for our social media channels but also helps with all sorts of research requests from the team and will be supporting us with upcoming events (because, you know, we do like to party). Her music taste can not be put in a box – whether it is Soul, R&B, or Rock, she likes everything, including country music which isn’t surprising because she did an exchange semester in Tennessee. Since she moved to Amsterdam, she regularly checks the Melkweg or Paradiso schedule to see who is playing. And what better way to discover new artists than going to random gigs? Faye made this one of her hobbies.

Last but not least a little fun fact about her:
She has a playlist for everything – No, really, we mean EVERYTHING.
For when it’s raining, the sun is shining, study sessions, parties, even for when she’s on the bike – if you need a playlist supplier, you know where to find her.