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Music & Brands with RA*W talent Milou Lamme

In each episode, we feature a different talent (from the RA*W community), focusing on their musical influences and connection to brands. How do young talents in the creative industry perceive music and sound in advertising and branding? Which brands do they admire? And, of course, we want to know who their favorite artist is.

In this episode: Milou Lamme, student at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Milou Lamme, I’m a 21-year-old living in Amsterdam. I’m currently studying at Amsterdam Fashion Institute, focusing on branding. Since September, I have been working as a strategy intern at Dentsu Creative. Personally, I am very curious, a trait strongly fueled by art. I owe my artistic passion to my brother Pim, who introduced me to the art world when he founded semester9, a contemporary art agency that positions a new generation of artists. Thanks to him, I find myself immersed in art exhibitions regularly. What makes art special to me is its openness to personal interpretation, allowing me to express my imagination. Moreover, I believe that art serves as a unifying factor, bringing like-minded people together.

Which brand do you admire and why?

I admire brands that have the ability to connect people. A brand that succeeds in this, in my opinion, is Lacoste. Although it’s not a brand I would quickly shop from, it always resonates with me when I come across it. It radiates joy and passion, but above all, it ignites a strong connection. In a time when we easily categorize target audiences, Lacoste builds bridges. They look at people’s interests and play on shared characteristics, regardless of age or background. Because they have been around for years, both the young and old have an affinity for the brand. What I find remarkable is that their advertising campaigns continue to appeal to a broad audience without losing authenticity. An example of this is last year’s campaign called ‘unexpected encounters’.

When you think of your favorite brand – if it had a theme song, what would it be?

In the aforementioned Lacoste campaign, they feature  the song “Apache (Jump On It)” by The Sugarhill Gang, which, in my opinion, fits perfectly. This group made hip-hop visible to a broad audience for the first time in 1979. Their songs are still played, and like Lacoste, they are loved by both young and old. Music is timeless and has a unifying aspect, as evidenced by my personal karaoke favorite, “Rapper’s Delight,” the very first rap song ever.

Which brand (national or international) distinguishes itself by embracing the use of music? Do you have an example of a campaign that demonstrates this?

Gucci establishes a strong connection between fashion, music, and the associated culture. Pop culture has been central to their advertisements for years. They collaborate with various icons, from Harry Styles to Iggy Pop, each with an expressive identity that perfectly suits the brand. Gucci extensively incorporates music into their campaigns, creating an artistic atmosphere with the songs. The aesthetic images combined with the music are fascinating and captivate the viewer.

What is your favorite artist/band? Can you explain why?

Personally, I don’t place much importance on a specific artist.  For me, music should evoke a particular feeling, often associated with a beautiful memory or event. Multiple artists can, of course, achieve this. But the moment I love music the most is when it energizes me, allowing me to completely immerse myself. Such as when I walk down the street with my earphones, the sun on my face, and the world at my feet. It’s as if nobody can touch you, and you feel like you can conquer the world. For example, I experience this with the song “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” by Elton John and Kiki Dee, but the song that most intensifies a euphoric feeling for me is “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.

If you compared that artist or band to a brand, what brand would that be?

When I think about that euphoric feeling, I immediately think of Jacquemus. The brand exudes pure joy, and they consistently surprise viewers season after season. Last summer, they brought the well-known Bambino bag to life using AI, transforming the bags into cars in Paris and boats on Lake Como. Recently, the brand had an amazing pop-up in Seoul, where the Bambino bag once again changed size (this time for real). It’s so surreal and yet so idyllic. In my opinion, the brand almost touches on the realm of art. I’m curious to see what they have in store for the coming years.

Which song takes you back to a certain moment in your life? What moment is that, and why is that song so connected?

That would be “Money Can’t Buy” by Frazey Ford, which my best friend and I played incessantly when we traveled together for the first time last summer in Guatemala. The specific moment I associate with the song is when we were climbing the Acatenango volcano. It was incredibly challenging but magical. The moment you stand at the top with an indescribably beautiful sunrise, overlooking a lava-spewing volcano, you instantly forget all the hardship you endured to get there. We truly felt ‘on top of the world,’ a moment I will never forget. “Money Can’t Buy…Memories,” haha.


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