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Music & Brands with RA*W talent Joenis Jansen

In each episode, we feature a different talent (from the RA*W community), focusing on their musical influences and connection to brands. How do young talents in the creative industry perceive music and sound in advertising and branding? Which brands do they admire? And, of course, we want to know who their favorite artist is.

In this episode: Joenis Jansen, Junior Video Producer at Yune.

Who are you, and what do you do?

I am Joenis Jansen, 30 years old, a video producer at Yune. Besides my work, I am active as an event producer and stage manager for various events by BureauPunt and for the party named PARDON at the Parallel venue. PARDON is an open-minded club night where UK music sets the tone (house, jungle, electro, breakbeat, techno, and 2-step/garage). If there’s any time left, I also host an online radio show called LatchFM, where I delve into the diversity of electronic club music worldwide.

Which brand do you admire and why?

The New Originals

When you look at how The New Originals create their advertisements and involve the local community in the production process, I believe they set an excellent example for established and emerging brands. They know how to engage local artists and music experts to express their advertising campaigns vividly.

Palace Skateboards

People recognize the brand as a skateboard brand, and it’s also renowned for its remarkable collaborations with names like Gucci, Y-3, Evisu, Oakley, and Rimowa. The advertising campaigns accompanying these collaborations are on point: they are brimming with creativity and manage to captivate viewers with unexpected elements. In addition to these campaigns, Palace Skateboards remains true to its roots by continuing to release skateboarding videos, which in my opinion, keeps the essence of the brand intact – it remains a skateboard brand.

When you think of your favorite brand – if it had a theme song, what would it be?


Which brand (national or international) distinguishes itself by embracing the use of music? Do you have an example of a campaign that demonstrates this?

Adidas is known for integrating music into its advertising campaigns. They often employ a two-pronged approach: on the one hand, they regularly create new songs specifically for their ads, and on the other hand, they frequently draw from familiar tracks or timeless classics that are instantly recognizable to the wider audience. Through this strategy, they establish a powerful identity that emphasizes both the contemporary and nostalgic aspects of music while simultaneously enhancing the emotional impact of their commercials. This approach has helped strengthen their brand and establish a deeper connection with their target audience.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 

Here, they use an old classic (SL2 – On A Ragga Tip).

What is your favorite artist/band? Can you explain why?

This is a difficult question, as choosing a favorite artist and a favorite song can be challenging. But if I had to choose, I’d go with the artist I’ve been listening to most recently and one of my favorites, Yussef Dayes. He’s a remarkable drummer and a member of the jazz duo Yussef Kamaal alongside Kamaal Williams (Henry Wu). On their only collaborative album, “Black Focus,” my favorite track is “Strings Of Light.” The reason it’s my favorite is because it takes you on a journey. The powerful presence of jazz-funk and the broken beat is impressively showcased in it. The track’s spontaneous feel is striking, and in addition to the bass and drums, the trumpet and strings are beautifully woven in, adding an extraordinary layering to the composition.

If you compared that artist or band to a brand, what brand would that be?

I can see Yussef Dayes being linked to clothing brands like Patta or Casablanca Paris. Additionally, I envision collaborating with a rum brand such as Havana Club or Appleton Estate working well for him.

Which song takes you back to a certain moment in your life? What moment is that, and why is that song so connected?

This takes me back to around 2012, during Paradiso’s 5 Days Off festival. The Gaslamp Killer was on the lineup, creating a surprising transition from Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” to “Cbat.” This moment was so unique and unexpected, yet it worked amazingly well! Since then, I’ve become a huge fan of The Gaslamp Killer because of his skill in seamlessly blending diverse music genres. During that period, friends and I had our own night called “Nightshift.” It was a time when the beat scene was at its peak, and we played tracks from artists like Mr. Carmack, Mono/Poly, Flying Lotus, and Lunice, who later formed TNGHT alongside Hudson Mohawke. It was a vibrant period with enjoyable experiences, including this one.


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