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Amp.Amsterdam Presents New Podcast on Campaign Music: “Campagnemuziek”

A Spin-Off of the Hit Podcast "Reclamemuziek

Who Should Listen?

  • Those interested in politics, music, and political music
  • Those who want to understand how political campaigns can be strengthened or weakened by music choices and what message those choices convey
  • Music enthusiasts who think, “Hey, do I know this song from somewhere?”

You can listen here to our first episode which is now available on Spotify:

A musical campaign season

In four episodes, host Amber Roner, along with Rens Dietz (campagnemuziek.nl) and lawyer Syb Terpstra (Bureau Brandeis), discusses musical choices of political parties and anecdotes from the past and present, both in the Netherlands and beyond. ‘Over de grens met Rens’ explores foreign campaign music, including a mention of Trump. One thing is sure: this will be an election battle full of music, hits, misses, and (false) notes.

Taste is subjective, from megahits to huge blunders.

One of the (many) reasons to listen to this podcast? Discovering gems. The podcast features hits like ‘Den Uyl In Den Olie’ and ‘Sky On Fire’ by The Handsome Poets, but it also explains why politicians should avoid using Coldplay and ‘When The Lady Smiles’ by The Golden Earring. Of course, ‘Sweet Caroline’ appears, and listeners can guess which party used ‘Rumour Has It.’ As a music purist, you may adjust your vote based on the music choices.

Is that allowed?

It’s not all fun during the listening experience: Lawyer Syb Brandeis provides legal advice on music rights in each podcast episode. Trump also appears here in the ‘how not to do it.’ Henk & Henk from Het Goede Doel share what they would do if their hit ‘België’ is used in politics again: ‘We didn’t make the song for parties, not even for the VVD or PvdA.’

The lead-up to November 22 promises to be dynamic.

Starting from November 14, a new episode will be released every day. Subscribe or follow the Campagnemuziek podcast now to not miss anything. Episodes are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other popular platforms.


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