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Kenor_street_art_audio_branding_Amp_Amsterdam_Sonic_Branding_Soundlogo_Music_Production_Music_Supervision Kenor_street_art_audio_branding_Amp_Amsterdam_Sonic_Branding_Soundlogo_Music_Production_Music_Supervision

Amp.Amsterdam honors the arts of the street

Music and street art have had a wonderful and tumultuous marriage for several decades and are closely linked to hip hop and social protest. Today, street art has managed to become widely popular amongst mainstream audiences.

Amp.Amsterdam feels closely connected to the ways that street art provides both room for creativity and inspiration to those admiring it. We want to honor the value of amazing street artists around the world and so, we commissioned an original art piece for our HQ studio wall. The artwork was curated by the founder of Street Art Museum Amsterdam, Anna Stolyarova.

The first artist, KENOR (Barcelona, 1976), is known worldwide for his vibrant geometric abstract work. Music has a fundamental role in KENOR’s life: the artist has the ability to visually interpret musical vibrations, transforming electronic music’s notes and moods into spatial compositions. 

Because of his love for music, and, notably, his talent for visualizing music, Kenor is a great match for Amp.Amsterdam, and we were delighted to have him do his magic on our HQ studio wall.

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We hope to do more commissions such as these in the future, acknowledging the differences in arts and cultures, and the importance of them coming together.

A wall of 12 x 3,5 meters with KENOR’s work is really impressive, so please feel free to drop by our office to see it in real life for yourself. 


Maurice Paans

Client Director

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