The Salvation - Teaser

The Salvation (working title), an eight-part drama thriller series, showcases the exciting new working relationship between the writer Justin Lockey and director Mischa Rozema. With the concept completed and scripts written, this teaser was the last piece of the development puzzle. We at Amp.Amsterdam took care of all sound design, recording and mixing. 


Production Company: PostPanic Pictures
Directed by Mischa Rozema
Music by Justin Lockey
VFX: PostPanic
Sound Design, Recording and Mixing by Amp.Amsterdam
Casting Director: Anna Kennedy CSA CDA
Talent: Craige Middleburg
Agent: Top Talent Agency
Line Producer: Joe Binks
Hair and Make-up: Charlotte Arlow
Wardrobe: History in the making, Jean Arthur
3D Scan Company: 3Dify, Ian Byrne
PostProduction: PostPanic