Raynsie X Donnie - 'Tuinslang'

For Donnie's latest music video “De Tuinslang” we partnered up the up-and-coming Dutch rapper and performance-driven coverall brand Raynsie. The music video mixes RAYNSIE’s bold attitude towards bad weather with Donnie’s upfront lyrics.

Director: Leonardo Cosme
Creatives/co-directors: Frenkel Schönfeld & Jan-Willem de Man
Production: George Ancock
DOP: Stijn Jonkhart
Gaffer: Jason Mulder
Styling: Ogènda ter Haar
Make-up: Minke Boeyen
Edit: Daan Oskam | Week 9
VFX: Carlos Ortiz
Grading: Matt Hare | Glassworks
Production assistant: Sabrina Church
Business affairs: Jaime Szefc
Creative supervision: Rey Andrade, Mario Guay
Music supervision: Amp.Amsterdam

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