Dance With Us

When &samhoudmedia approached us to create adaptive music and sound design for 'Dance With Us' - an augmented reality app - we jumped from our chairs and straight in. 

The interactive ‘Dance With Us’ app created by &samhoudmedia allows users to learn dance moves from the famous twins Norah and Yarah*. 

The twins perform their moves life-size and in any room you like or on top of your table. You can even scale them to let them dance in any size you want.

Our task was to create an adaptive multilayered music system based on old-school hip-hop beats that accompany the moves of the twins. 

As there are a lot of moves to choose from we created a music system that consists of ten layers of instruments with multiple variations to choose from.

Every time a user selects a move the layers are chosen randomly to ensure variety in the music. 

So, who’s up for a dance-off?

*The twins Norah & Yarah are known from performances with Justin Bieber and the Ellen DeGeneres show.

You can download the app in the app store:

Agency: &samhoudmedia
Music & sound design: Amp.Amsterdam