The life of a producer can be a hard-knock life. A convenience for Sophie, because this is exactly why she loves it so much. She thrives in a constant state of chaos while always taking care of business with adequacy, perfection, and a lot of passion.

Sophie decided to join us after a successful stint at TBWA-agency. She’s gained more than five years of experience as a producer, working with a wide variety of brands. “The best thing about working in the production field is the fact that it offers a lot of diversity. It’s a creative and challenging profession.”

Sophie believes music is essential to life. It brings back memories and unites people. It makes you want to dance, it brings joy and it can move people. Whatever genre it may be. 

It’s this true love for music, combined with a healthy dose of curiosity, that brought Sophie to Amp.Amsterdam. As far as Sophie is concerned, a film without music isn’t a film.

Transferring from a 400+ employee company to the substantially smaller team at Amp.Amsterdam might seem like quite the change. Luckily for Sophie, in her opinion this was one of the many perks of working at Amp.Amsterdam. It suits her social, warm and caring personality. At Amp.Amsterdam everyone prides themselves on having each other’s backs. “That’s worth gold.” says Sophie.