If the city of Amsterdam were to be a person, it would be Marco. A no-nonsense type of guy, with an excellent sense of humor and a talent for making others feel welcome and at ease.  It’s impossible to walk out of one of Marco’s studio sessions without a big smile on your face.

His career started at Studio Alfred Klaassen where he worked his way up from intern to pro-engineer. Not long after that Marco decided to build his own studio. International successes, commercials, films, prizes, awards: Marco has experienced it all. Even after 25 years in the business, and having worked at five different studios, including two of his own, he still enjoys every bit of it. It’s the energy of others that keeps him going as well as the magic that unfolds itself when you breathe life into a film by adding sound. 

To Marco, a recording session should be as much fun as it is professional. The best thing about being a sound engineer, according to Marco, is when you team up with creatives to realize the perfect voice-over. Delving into details as specific as intonation. As the creative teams Marco collaborates with are ever-changing, the job always keeps him on his toes and never gets monotonous.

“In the process, everyone makes a fuss about the film, and whenever it’s finished, we move on to fuss about the next one”. But for Marco, that’s fine, because he’ll make it work either way. Every little thing is gonna be alright…