Creative Press Challenge - 'Fight Cancer'

For the kick-off, Thijs Biersteker together with digital production agency Media Monks and Amp.Amsterdam developed an interactive punching bag to literally fight against cancer. This is a perfect fit for Fight Cancer, an iconic charity that aims to create more awareness for cancer under young adults and to inspire them to take action by organizing fundraising activities.

The punching bag has a screen of 4320 pixels, equipped with microphones, motion sensors and a custom-made LED screen. It is the first interactive punchable screen ever made in the world. With every punch the participants came closer to unlock their briefing.

Client: de Volkskrant Creative Press Challenge
Charity: Fight cancer
Creative: Thijs Biersteker /MOORE • Amsterdam
Agency: MediaMonks
Interactive Sound Design: Amp.Amsterdam


“The rebellious character of the Creative Press Challenge and the innovative way of briefing fits perfectly with what we want to show our target group. We want to place the punching bag at prominent places in the Netherlands to raise awareness for Fight Cancer.”
— Limore Noah, director of Fight cancer.