Camay - 'Camayzing'

Together with Wieden+Kennedy and Chinese pop star and The Voice Of China winner 吴莫愁Momo Wu we've created a foamtastic fun music production to re-launch the Camay brand in China.

Thanks to our Chinese engineer and singers, Swedish producers and French rappers for their camayzing effort!

Brand: P&G Camay
Advertising Agency: W+K Amsterdam
Executive Creative Director: Mark Bernath & Eric Quennoy
Creative Director: Genevieve Hoey & Zach Watkins
Head of Broadcast Production: Erik Verheijen
Broadcast Producer: Jaime Tan
Associate Producer: Javier Perroud
Chinese Lyrics & Vocal Producer Rza Li (黎偌天)
Chinese Vocals: Momo Wu
French vocals & lyric adaptions: Manon Romiti
Music Composer: Caesar & Loui
Publisher: The Kennel / Universal Music Publishing
Music Supervision: Amp.Amsterdam
Music Production: Amp.Amsterdam