Our favorite tracks this week include lush saxophones, nostalgic sounds and some unreleased Michael Jackson

Whether you fancy some distorted guitars, some dreamy indie or perhaps some newly surfaced material from legends like John Coltrane and Michael Jackson. We got it all covered in our latest selection of Tracks of the Week!

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Impressions – Take 3 – John Coltrane
A previously unreleased album has surfaced from one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, John ColtraneBoth Directions at Once: The Lost Album was conceived in 1963 in collaboration with his classic quartet of McCoy TynerJimmy Garrison, and Elvin Jones. On 'Impressions - Take 3', Coltrane's hypnotizing saxophone runs and Jones’ rattling drum fills will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Don’t Matter To Me – Drake, Michael Jackson
Drake’s long-awaited new album Scorpion is finally here and steadily on its way to breaking numerous streaming records (garnering close to 1 billion streams in its first week!). 'Don't Matter To Me' is one of the standout tracks on the record and is constructed around some moody pads, minimal percussion and an unreleased Michael Jackson sample. 

Glory – The Score
LA's hottest rock band The Score released their new single 'Glory'. As expected from this musical powerhouse, it is fearless rock ferocity with fuzzy guitar riffs and a pumping beat

Connection – One Republic
After their hiatus following their last album Oh My MyOne Republic is finally back with 'Connection'. Their new single has a catchy hook and feels uplifting and optimistic.

Tonight Tonight – Mondo Cozmo
'Tonight Tonight' is featured on Mondo Cozmo’s new EP Your Motherf*cker. Crafted with some rocking drums and a sea of distortion, Cozmo's newest gem
screams attitude and confidence.

Sweet Days – Lakyn
'Sweet Days' is the new single of Australian singer Lakyn. The track's soulful sound radiates a feeling of nostalgia through its atmospheric synths and poetic lyrics.