Brand new tracks of the week with Mike Rogers, Sheppard, and more


What Should I Do - Mike Rogers, Abee, Mike Mago
Mike Rogers releases his debut single ‘What Should I Do’. In this bouncy electro-pop track with the vocal styling of Abee, you’ll hear the synths fuse well with its groovy beat. This song is a new project from two Dutch producers Mike Mago and Rogerseventytwo, who’ll soon release their EP; ‘Loose Ideas’.

Habibi - Tamino
Tamino recently became the first ever non-UK artist to sign a record deal with the British label Communion Records (home to the likes of Mumford & Sons, Bear's Den and many more). His debut EP 'Habibi' was released worldwide on March 16th via Communion/Caroline. There is a richness and weight in his voice that seems steeped in the culture of his Egyptian heritage. More to follow soon. We'll keep you informed!

Sky Full Of Song - Florence + The Machine
This long-awaited new release by Florence + The Machine is a sweeping, string-laden ballad, with a soft throb, that make her poetic lyrics stand out. The song is a reminder to everyone that they're not alone and that someone always cares.
Riding Away - Sheppard
After their debut album ‘Bombs Away’, Australian pop band Sheppard releases ‘Riding Away’. The tracks delivers an energetic vibe, with its groovy beatcatchy melody and cheering lyrics. The perfect feel-good song for when you’re down.

On Your Way - Mt. Desolation
Mt. Desolation, a project of Keane’s Tim Rise Oxley and Jesse Quin, released ‘On Your Way’. An uptempo pop song with encouraging guitar and piano parts and a very catchy vocal melody. The track is parterd of their second album, which will be released later this year.

Roads - Vargas & Lagola
Having written and produced tracks for AviciiAxwell /\ Ingrosso, and David Guetta, among others, the Stockholm based duo also release music under their own alias: Vargas & Lagola. A dance-pop track with soulful vocals and a soaring brass-laden chorusfull of euphemism! Roads has steadily been making it's way up the Swedish pop charts. An earworm indeed.