Interactive music and light jam in the trains for Glow festival

In cooperation with Enversed VR and the NS (Dutch national railway), we have created interactive music jam tables for Glow festival in Eindhoven. People can build their musical landscape in the trains going towards Eindhoven and on Eindhoven Central station.

Train Jam forms the perfect link between technology and mutual interaction. Train Jam is for young and old because everyone loves music and understands the interaction from a board game perspective. Joining in is easy: just a question of positioning, taking and turning an object. The music components provide infinite freedom of combinations. You can get started right away, but each time you will discover new combinations. 

The 4-person divisions in the train are transformed into interactive play areas with music and light. Virtual landscape objects can be placed on the touchscreen to produce your own train journey ‘GLOW’ music clip. Your results are stored and can be played back as a light musical art work.

Amp.Amsterdam made the adaptive music for Train Jam. An adaptive music piece, may sound different every time it is played back based on changes of the input. The input can be anything and in this case it is the landscape objects that the player places on the table. Our aim with the adaptive music is to tailor the music to the unique experience of the listener. Once the game is finished the landscape that the players have made, functions as a musical score producing each time a unique music track.