Virtual Reality

Experience ballet unlike ever before

Experience ballet unlike ever before

The Dutch National Ballet presents Night Fall, the world's first virtual reality ballet performance. 

Enter a fascinating world where, with the aid of cutting-edge, immersive virtual reality technology, the boundary between dreams and actuality melts away. Night Fall, inspired by the famous "white acts" from Swan Lake and La Bayadère, is not only an enchanting experience for ballet lovers, but also for those entirely new to the culture and artform.

Take an immersive tour through the world-famous royal theatre Carré

The new 360-degree interactive video tour is offering up an in-depth exploration through the numerous nooks and crannies, halls and galleries, of the 130-year- old institution. In conjunction with digital agency RIDE we are proud to announce the launch of an exciting 360-degree interactive video journey through one of the Netherlands’ most revered arts centers, the Royal Theatre Carré. Founded in 1887 and originally intended for use as a permanent circus, the Carré has been an attraction for locals and tourists alike for well over a century.