St. Regis Jakarta Marriot

We created a sonic journey through the history of Indonesia, it’s indigenous species, the buzz of Jakarta, all the way into the wonderful presence and environment of the St. Regis Hotel.

Throughout the journey, the musical lead is taken by the fantastic musical talent of harpist Rémy van Kesteren, whom we recorded at our studios.

After the presentation, we received an excited quote from the Creative Consultant of Champalimaud Design / New York:

"We just returned from a very successful 3-hour presentation for the St Regis Jakarta. The Owner / Founder approved all of our work for development! Everyone should be extremely proud of the great work produced. We capped off our presentation by listening to the wonderful score composed specifically for this project (…) the client truly enjoyed the piece. I do not believe we could have asked for a better result.”

Listen to the St Regis Jakarta sonic journey here: