Make Love, Not Walls - the new iconic campaign by David LaChapelle for Diesel with music by Amp.Amsterdam.

For the worldwide David LaChapelle-directed Diesel campaign, the fashion label’s agency of record, Anomaly, tapped our creative team to supervise the process of finding and rejiggering a track perfectly suited for it.

Launching on the day of love, Valentine’s day, the spot Make Love, Not Walls revolves around a bold, politically-tinged—and particularly timely—message of making love instead of war, building bridges instead of walls, and, accordingly, required an inspired, uplifting track penned and performed by an artist who epitomizes these values himself. After an arduous exploration, the track selected was Danish singer-songwriter Alex Vargas’ hit, “Higher Love,” which was remixed to snugly fit the contours and rhythms of this iconic film.

Some campaigns are ore difficult than others when it comes to getting the right music. But on this campaign we could work on a strategic level with Anomaly to get an artist that endorses the message of the brand. Alex Vargas and Diesel are advocating equal rights and celebrating love. As a strategic music agency we are always aiming for music to be a part of the campaign strategy. A big shout out to Alex Vargas, Locomotion and Brewhouse.

Joost Haartsen, Owner and Managing Director, Amp.Amsterdam
“Our team is deeply honored to have been able to work as music supervisor on this unique film for Diesel. It is a perfect example of how an artist, a music label, music publishers, management companies, and an agency can unite and compound their talents to bring something inspired and magical into this world. For weeks, Amp.Amsterdam collaborated with Brewhouse and Alex Vargas and his manager, Tommas Arnby, to remix "Higher Love" and tailor-make it for the film. For us, it was all about finding the right song at the right moment, and presenting it in the best way possible.
In "Higher Love,” we found the ideal creative fit, and one perfectly suited from a P.R. angle; the momentum behind the track will dovetail with that behind the campaign, augmenting success for both.
A great case study in how brands and music can amplify one another. ”

Alex about working on this campaign

Brand: Diesel
Campaign: Make Love, Not Walls (spring/summer 2017)
Spots / Creative: Make Love Not Walls

  • Riccardo Bellini - Global CMO

  • Giada Gheno - Global Head of Advertising, Media & Product Marketing

  • Nicola Formichetti - Artistic Director

  • Jacob Wildschioedtz - Creative Director

Agency: Anomaly Amsterdam

  • Martin Ginsborg - ECD

  • Lars Jorgensen - ECD

  • Chris Adams - CD

  • Ross Cavin - CD

  • Julia Llamas - Agency Producer and Post Producer

Talent: Sergei Polunin, Stefan Meier, Danell Leyva, Octavia Hamlett, Laith de la Cruz, Raja, Karis Wilde, Taylor Banks, Kyle Kleiboeker, Jonathan Rivas, Britni Sumida, Vinnyie Balbo, Jeremiah Buren, Krista Jaspers, Miles Woods, Sabeerah Najee-Ullah, Junji Dezaki, Thais de Lima, Cody Callahan, Adeng, Erika Angel, Jay Decasby, Annie McGinty, Hanni Larma

Production Co.: CXA and Maavven
Photographer/Director: David Lachapelle
DoP: Fredrik Jacobi
Production design: Annie Sperling
Executive Producer(s): Steven Pranica, Coleen Haynes
Editor: Govert Janse
Post Production Company: The Moving Picture Company Ltd.
Music supervision: Amp.Amsterdam
Music: 'Higher Love’ by Alex Vargas. Listen here.
Remixed by Brewhouse.Amplified
Audio post production: Amp.Amsterdam