Joe Buck scores top 10 hit with song for PLUS Supermarkets advertising campaign

Singer-songwriter Joe Buck has scored a unique hit with "The Way You Take Time." The song arrived in the top 10 of the Dutch Airplaychart this week at number 9. The 23-year-old Joe Buck (real name: Sjoerd de Buck) wrote the song especially for the spring commercial of PLUS Supermarkets with the theme “Goed eten is samen eten" (Rough translation: “Good food is eating together”). It is rare in The Netherlands that a song specially written for a commercial becomes a top 10 hit.

The success of the song, written by De Buck and Simon Leferink, came about after countless radio listeners requested the song in the PLUS Supermarkets commercial. Q-Music-DJ Domien Verschuuren started a search for the maker of this catchy tune and ended up at Joe Buck. The song has since been played frequently on Radio 2 (ex TopSong), Sky Radio, 100% NL, QMusic and Radio 5. The singer-songwriter was previously discovered by Ilse DeLange. Since then, Joe Buck has been to Nashville several times to write songs and record music. Ilse DeLange also gave him a slot during her sold-out show in the Ziggo Dome.

Buck wrote the song at the request of Amp.Amsterdam. "The Sonic Branding Agency" in collaboration with advertising agency J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam were responsible for the PLUS Supermarkets commercial.

Dieuwer Bulthuis of J. Walter Thompson states: “Music is an essential part of our PLUS campaigns. We aspire to surprise the audience with a song that extends beyond advertising. ‘The Way You Take Time’ does that on all fronts.

Amp.Amsterdam requested Joe Buck to write a song for the commercial because his sound matched the visuals and he is clearly one of the most exciting songwriting talents of the moment. This song became "The Way You Take Time."

Joost Haartsen, CEO of Amp.Amsterdam: “At Amp.Amsterdam we bring music to brands. We believe that in an advertising campaign you should not adopt culture, but let culture be created by people who are good at it. We facilitate artists to give their own interpretation and to create something that they support. In the case of Joe Buck and PLUS Supermarkets it was combined with an incredibly strong commercial, made by Dieuwer Bulthuis & Chris Sant (the creative team of J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam) and directed by Pink Rabbit's Ismael Heuvel. Which resulted in a fantastic collaboration between advertising and music.

It is not the first time that Amp.Amsterdam has had success on the charts with a song that was initially written for a commercial. Two other artists already scored a hit with tracks that were commissioned and released under license at Amp.Amsterdam Records. For example, with more than 1 million streams, Frances had a streaming hit with a cover from Robbie Williams "She’s The One" for the PLUS Supermarkets Christmas campaign. Her version also got premiered at Q-Music. Kris Berry seems to be scoring a hit with her re-recorded version of "Anything You Can Do" for the latest KPN campaign. The song premiered on Radio 2 with Rob Stenders, after listeners inquired Stenders about the song that they had heard in the commercial.