Hip-hop star Donnie partners with Dutch raingear brand RAYNSIE

Donnie’s music video ‘De Tuinslang’ was directed and produced by HECHO and 72

For Donnie's latest music video “De Tuinslang” we partnered up the up-and-coming Dutch rapper and performance-driven coverall brand RAYNSIE. The music video mixes RAYNSIE’s bold attitude towards bad weather with Donnie’s upfront lyrics.

“De Tuinslang” (the garden hose) is the latest project in Donnie’s collaboration with RAYNSIE. It’s an electro-infused hip hop track with wonderfully unsubtle musings about a garden hose. And all that dirty talk has inspired a hyper stylized video that leans on the same garden metaphors as the song itself.

72andSunny Amsterdam, the creative company who created and developed RAYNSIE teamed up with us to find the perfect embodiment of the brand’s colorful and bold attitude. RAYNSIE and Donnie; a wonderfully weird mix of an up-and-coming Dutch hip-hop artist with a tongue in cheek style, and quintessentially Dutch rain gear that prays for sucky weather. The collaboration between both Donnie and RAYNSIE started last year when he performed at RAYNSIE’s launch parties in London and Amsterdam.

‘De Tuinslang’ was produced by HECHO en 72, 72andSunny Amsterdam’s studio, and is directed by Leonardo Cosme. Jan-Willem de Man and Frenkel Schönfeld developed the concept.

RAYNSIE is a colourful, performance-driven coverall made for urban cyclists and skaters, that allows you to go out, whatever the weather. Available in six colours, the debut collection pays homage to Amsterdam with bright colours and prints inspired by Dutch food mythology: ‘Dips’ – for the Dutch love of dipping almost any food and ‘Hagelslag’ - the traditional sweet sprinkles the Dutch stick on bread. With a price point ranging from €299 to €350, RAYNSIE is available exclusively online via RAYNSIE.com.

Director: Leonardo Cosme
Creatives/co-directors: Frenkel Schönfeld & Jan-Willem de Man
Production: George Ancock
DOP: Stijn Jonkhart
Gaffer: Jason Mulder
Styling: Ogènda ter Haar
Make-up: Minke Boeyen
Edit: Daan Oskam | Week 9
VFX: Carlos Ortiz
Grading: Matt Hare | Glassworks
Production assistant: Sabrina Church
Business affairs: Jaime Szefc
Creative supervision: Rey Andrade, Mario Guay
Music supervision: Amp.Amsterdam