For the introduction of their mortgage advice on Sunday ABN AMRO asked Wefilm to create a campaign to introduce this service to their clients. Wefilm created a film that shows the perfect Sunday. To accompany the film they were looking for the perfect Dutch song describing that fine Sunday feeling.


We’ve created a shortlist of artists capable of capturing the Sunday feeling in a pop song.  Together with the creative team of Wefilm and director Martijn de Jong we did a round of meetings with these artists. Lucky Fonz III appeared to be the best fit for the campaign.

An important wish was to have the two creative processes, writing the song and creating the film script, happen simultaneously and that both would influence each other. Therefore Lucky and Martijn had several meetings to inspire each other.

With input of the director and the client Lucky Fonz III made a couple of demos with his interpretation of the perfect Sunday. We presented to the client these demos in all of their versions. The demos ranged from uptempo to downtempo to show the client how different a song would sound when using a different tempo and vibe. We at Amp.Amsterdam also believe that a good song should work in different tempi.

During the recording process we sat down with Lucky, Sven Hamerpagt (his producer), and his band De Felle Kleuren to capture the vibe and authenticity where the client specifically was looking for. We believe that when you carefully choose the right artist for the campaign it will benefit the sincerity and it will give the client exactly what he is looking for.

On basis of the final song (with multiple lyric versions) the director wrote the script for his film. This is exactly the way we like to work. Sound before image in a way both artist and director inspire each other. Creating one cohesive piece of art.

Final goal was to release the song as a single that could be played on Dutch national radio. To make that happen we got Dutch imprint Top Notch on board, releasing the song as a single. Spotify directly added the song to their New Music Friday NL playlist and several Dutch DJ’s started to play the song on their Sunday radio show.

Song: Lucky Fonz III - Zondag
Client: ABN AMRO (Greetje Kamminga, Matthijs Kleinlooh)
Concept and production: Wefilm
Creatives: Martijn de Jong, Robert Dirksen, Roel Welling
Director: Martijn de Jong
D.O.P.: Myrthe Mosterman
Producer: Annemieke Boschma
Editor: Pelle Asselbergs
Post-production: Captcha
Music Supervision: Amp.Amsterdam
Seeding: WeAreFirst