Global introduction of Spotify’s Artists Stories by Amp.Amsterdam

Global introduction of Spotify’s Artists Stories by Amp.Amsterdam

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Artists Stories are broadcasted in popular playlists at the right time to the right audience.

People are touched by true stories told by real people. That’s why Spotify and Amp.Amsterdam developed the Artists Stories as the way to connect with the audience in a relevant and trusted way.

The measured results for this first ever Artist Story on Spotify were remarkably positive.The ads generated a higher score on remembrance, interest and brand awareness than the average. Spotify is able to reach specific target groups based on their music preferences in genre and timing.

The concept of Artists Stories is clear and simple; an artist, relevant to the brand’s target audience, tells a personal story that matches the message of the brand. With Spotify’s immense data and knowledge of listening habits combined with Amp’s deep and extensive expertise, experience and network in the world of music, finding the right artist able to touch the right audience is a breeze.

The first brand to work with the new concept on Spotify is the big Dutch insurance company Zilveren Kruis. Their challenge was to inspire Spotify listeners to properly think about their needs for a health insurance. With award-winning artist Niels Geusebroek we’ve found the perfect match with the brand values of Zilveren Kruis and with its target audience. In our studio we interviewed him on his plans for the coming year, making him think about his health insurance needs in the process. This interview resulted in 3 different stories, touching 3 different health themes.

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