Amp.Amsterdam releases full single from KPN commercial

The single premiered at Dutch Radio 2 during Stenders Platenbonanza

For the most recent KPN commercial, Amp.Amsterdam was approached by N=5 to create a new version of the Irving Berlin classic "Anything You Can Do". The song, known from the musical and film "Annie Get Your Gun", was chosen by the agency as the perfect song for the latest KPN campaign with the theme "Better, Better". For this commercial, the Amp.Amsterdam team, in collaboration with production duo Line29 and singer Kris Berry, have given the song new life.

N=5: "Music is an essential part of campaigns and immediately ensures recognition, but this still often underestimated."

Since the commercial went live,  Amp.Amsterdam received many requests for a full version through various channels.  A telephone call from Dutch Radio 2 gave the final push to meet this demand. Rob Stenders from Stenders Platenbonanza was asked several times if he had the song and finally got  to premiere it during his live show. The song is now also available on all major streaming services.

Kris Berry: “I've always been a fan of the Broadway play and was already familiar with the song. After Amp.Amsterdam asked if I wanted to participate in this, I was immediately enthusiastic about it. That we have been able to release a full version makes this collaboration even more fun! ”

Diederik van Middelkoop, Executive Creative Director of Amp.Amsterdam:

"Advertising agency N=5 came up with the idea of putting ‘Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)’ from Irving Berlin in a cool new look for their new KPN commercial. A cheeky nod to other telecom providers. It was a fantastic song to remix, from an almost forgotten Broadway classic. We are very proud of the result! ”

Opdrachtgever: KPN
Bureau: N=5
Muziek: Amp.Amsterdam
Vocals: Kris Berry
Productie: Line29
Original Song: Anything You Can Do (Irving Berlin, Universal Music Publishing)