Amp.Amsterdam is the sonic branding company for brands and agencies. By defining sonic identities and delivering world class music supervision and production we increase the consistency and creative impact of your brand communication in all consumer touch points.

With teams in Amsterdam, New York & Mumbai and a partnership with Universal Music we have a direct line to the best music and artists around the globe and access to big data music insights.


MUsic Supervision

Sure, loads of companies can search for and license music — or create it bespoke — for use in commercials and film, but it’s only Amp.Amsterdam, with an international network of specialists in over fifty countries, that can consistently knock it out of the park.

Because we cross-pollinate with different sectors of the music and advertising businesses, we’re always able to deliver more than a cool track; we’re able to deliver content that’s not only sticky, but also an amplifier of opportunity. And with on- and off-site studios and engineers always on call, we can guarantee that the finishing touches we apply to every project—voice-overs, post-production mixing and sound design—will tidily tie everything together.


When it comes to the technology-forward and future-looking—the virtual reality and stereoscopic, say—or the experiential and interactive, we turn to this department. Our engineers voraciously work with, explore, and research the distribution platforms, engagement tools, and media of tomorrow, which makes
Amp.Amsterdam unusually predisposed to reliably deliver product of the highest calibre. We’re as entrenched in the development of these new modes of communication as we are in personally using them ourselves.


Music Consultancy

Music unites us all—it is the only art form literally every human being engages with daily—but we so often find ourselves at a loss for words when describing its personal effect on each of us and the ways in which it weaves into discrete arenas of our lives. We help you understand these nuanced, invisible things.

We’re here to help you hone in on an overarching music strategy that magnifies your message, and we accomplish this by educating you on the mundane economics of the publishing and licensing worlds, exploring mutually beneficial partnerships, and generally guiding you in a direction that enhances creativity while decreasing time sucks and eliminating money pits.